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  4. 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' Author Wonders Why Anyone Has Kids

We Need To Talk About Kevin - Serpent's Tail Books

Anyway, I also read the complete book on my kindle device and I must say that the audible version doesn't do justice to this amazing novel. The performance is excellent, but a lot of the characters' depth and complexity goes lost. I hope Audible realise how important it'd be to give listeners the full version and bring it out soon. So my advice is, don't listen to this abridged edition, but do read the full novel, it's really worth it, however gruesome, cruel and shocking it may be. Great story, with a great performance. Story at times is a bit harsh.

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You see parts of yourself in the characters, could Kevin be your boy? Are you the doting dad or the detached mother. Not all in life is NICE.. Great writing talent but the story was a bit too strong for me. I found it distressing which I am not sure was the intention of the author. Well; I was forced to read this book for an assignment in child psycho diagnostic class.

I loved it. I liked first of all the entire setting and how the book makes you experience what is happening. If you are psychology student or thinking of working with kids, this is a good book that questions nature vs nurture. Would you consider the audio edition of We Need to Talk About Kevin to be better than the print version? Yes, it was even better than the movie.

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Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? When Kevin did his nuh-nuh-na-na-nuh response to his mother. Ms King portrayed it so perfectly, capturing the arrogance, spite and disdain in the child's voice in a way that chilled the listener. Rivetting, shocking, sad. The end when you realize that she had lost everything. Which character — as performed by Lorelei King — was your favorite? If you were to make a film of this book, what would be the tag line be?

A mother's story that you will never forget. Which scene was your favorite? I was disappointed with this book, I found it was really of no interest to me yet was looking forward to it. Women need positive attitudes when approaching birth, with this book the worst is dredged from the bottom of the steaming pile and laboured on for pages in the first birth. The second birth is fine and not even explained. I approached this book in half hour increments for a book club.

It made me literally throw up. Sick making. IMHO only for those who want their worst fears about the most horrible things that can happen if you have kids confirmed. What could Lionel Shriver have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you? I feel that the father character had little depth, The book is written from the perspective of the mother, in letter form to the father. His voice is less than missing. His or even the boys voice could make the book more interesting, more balanced.

It may even give an insight into the fathers ambivalence, bordering on ineptitude to the boys psychopathic tendencies. How could the performance have been better? Marvellous voice acting, very well done. Well, it really made me mad, physically sick, horrified. It changed my mind as to the passive nature of books, and I will be more careful, from now on as to what I read, for this is now part of me, a cancer to be continually excised.

Some say to me that makes it a good book. I disagree, Yes I had an extreme reaction, but that does not make it positive in any form. I now have to live with the burden of reading this tripe. Go see the movie, if you want a shock. Its just for shock or to confirm already held, rather conservative beliefs about the physical pain of childbirth and the possibility of stuffing up as a parent. Cant wait to get onto the next audio, Possibly J.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Coetzee, now thats a good writer. This is a compelling and thought provoking read, I found it a little disturbing but I couldnt put it down. It is beautifully written - download now! I resisted reading this book for a long time. I thought that it would be more difficult to stop it as an audiobook.

I was really engrossed. I found it a very powerful story made even more powerful by one of the best readers I have ever heard. Lorelei King is magnificent in every book I have heard. I've already read this book twice, but when I saw that Lorei King was the narrator on this - I had to have it. I wasn't disappointed.

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The story itself is riveting, an unusual and maybe difficult subject for some as it is in part about a parents honesty of their dislike of their child. The narration, which I think is actually acting, makes it even more believable and enjoyable.

'We Need to Talk About Kevin' Author Wonders Why Anyone Has Kids

I love the way this is written, it keeps you enthralled. It is also very well read.

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  • A thought provoking and striking book- one which disturbed and fascinated me, and kept me thinking back to it long after it finished. Well worth a listen! This is one of the most disturbing but engrossing audio books I've listened to and I had to constantly remind myself that this was actually a work of fiction!

    I haven't watched the movie that is based on the book so after a lot of trepidation I bought the Audible version and listened to it whilst on holiday. I felt a range of emotions whilst reading it, pity, sorrow, anger, disbelief etc. Really good read. You are either going to love it or hate it - I'm in the love it camp! I found this audiobook a profoundly disturbing experience.

    It is brilliantly written and beautifully narrated, but it could put you off having kids. What do you do if your child is a psychopath? This book charts the dread, shame and heartache of being just such a parent. A mothers place is in the wrong it seems. I found this book unremittingly dark.

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    If you have the stomach for it, it is a brilliant book, but it did nothing for my faith in human nature. The final "bonus" chapter is an excellent interview with the Lionel Shriver - she has no kids! This is such a good book, well paced and it unravels some surprises as it goes along culminating a shocking end to 'Thursday'. Further more, I'm a great fan of Lorelei King who manages to characterise the voice of each person without it sounding trite not easy to do when you have a small boy and a grown man to portray too I love her Margaret Atwood readings for the same reasons.

    I found the book totally absorbing and very thought provoking and found my sympathies lay very firmly with Eva on so many levels. A bonus at the end of the book is a short interview with Lionel as she explains a little about why she wrote the book which was also fascinating and insightful. Excellent - download it now - I couldn't stop listening to it! Something I'd never normally go for, glad I did.

    By: Lionel Shriver. Narrated by: Lorelei King.