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  2. Productive Remembering and Social Agency | Teresa Strong-Wilson | Springer
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We launched a little bit early, I would say. We are starting to see a lot more traction and knowing that we respond to their requests, we see them sticking around.

Productive Remembering and Social Agency

BLD: Yes, stronger adoption once product development has a firm handle on things and releases happen frequently. Can you share with us how many users you guys are up to today? Wes: Yes, technically a team can actually be one person if they just set it up, but then they begin to invite others to join the team. Wes: Per user on a paid team. BLD: What would you say really stands out about Clickup that separates you guys from other productivity tools?

Wes: We have several.

One feature that stands out is the ability to view things three different ways. For example, your entire team can see all the tasks and all of your spaces and workload of the company. You can view it all and then with one click and put tasks on a board where you can drag and drop tasks across the board.

You can reorganize, repurpose anything and drag and drop. You see it all on your timeline, and also have it available your calendar, as well as charts and reports where you can drag and drop tasks. You can get a high-level view on all of that kind of information for your whole team across three different views. Wes: Exactly. So instead of boards which can be a pain to toggle between, you have those boards as projects. Those projects are accessible in your sidebar and within your hierarchy can just flip between them.

You can also review them all at the same time with a single click.

Productive Remembering and Social Agency | Teresa Strong-Wilson | Springer

BLD: Do you have any stories that you could share from customers using the Clickup platform? We plan on doing a full blown case study with them very soon. Beyond Facebook, our secret weapon has definitely been Quora. We reach out from our personal accounts and like to answer questions from people on Quora. We see a lot of new signups from people from Quora. They were at SaaStr and I talked to them about their new advertising platform. But everything you just described was purely organic, right? No paid ads on Quora? Wes: Yes, totally organic which has been awesome for us.

BLD: Have there been any major roadblocks or obstacles that you guys have hit recently that has kept you from hitting your goals? Wes: The biggest challenge right now is hiring good talent in San Francisco.

Some developers are in the city and hiring them has been more difficult than we thought. Everyone seems pretty happy with their job. Best of luck to you and the team. Your email address will not be published. BLD: So you lost autonomy and cohesiveness between the two teams? Autobiography and Performance. Hirsch, Marianne.

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